Colloque international "Preferences and autonomy: philosophy and economics", du 2 au 4 juin, Rennes

The aim of the conference is to explore how the notion of autonomy should be understood and integrated if it can within a broadly preferentialist or subjectivist approach to well-being or values and how it contributes to moral, political and social choices. Thus, we hope the conference to address questions like the following (although the list is not limitative): -Should autonomy under one or its several acceptations shape our description of actual or ideal preferences? -If this is correct, how? -Or should we take this aim as irrelevant for the descriptions of preferences? -Which role should then play autonomy considerations? -Can we integrate the various norms of autonomy in one framework? -Can autonomy itself be understood in preferentialist or subjective terms? -If not, is it a threat for such approaches?


Thursday, June 2, 2021

14h-15h: Robert Sugden, University of East Anglia

“Autonomy and the model of the inner rational agent”

 15h15-16h15: Connie Rosati, University of Texas at Austin

“Autonomy, Preference, and Personal Good”

16h30- 17h30: Muriel Gilardone, Université de Caen

“Capability as ‘effective power’: a normative view of agency”

Conference dinner, Rennes

Friday, June 3, 2021

9h-10h: Steven Wall, University of Arizona

“Autonomy, Welfare and Options”

10h15-11h15: Joao V. Ferreira, University of Southampton

“Which choices merit deference? A comparison of three behavioural proxies of subjective welfare”

11h30-12h30: Mikael Cozic, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

“The Import of Revealed Preference Theory”


14h30-15h30: Guilhem Lecouteux, Université Côte d'Azur

“Addicted by design: individual autonomy with preferences under influence”

15h45-16h45: David Enoch, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Contrastive Consent and Third Party Coercion

17h-18h: Antoinette Baujard, Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne

“Preferences and autonomy in deliberation”

2nd conference dinner, Rennes

Saturday, June 4, 2021

8h30-9h30: Till Grüne-Yanoff, Royal institute of Technology, Stockholm

“The Ethics of Boost”

9h 45-10h45: Erik Schokkaert, UK Leuven

“Respect for preferences and the autonomy of persons with dementia”

11h-12h: Dale Dorsey, Kansas University

“The Quest for an Acceptable Perfectionism”

Lieu : Campus de Beaulieu - bâtiment 32B - Amphi 12