Dans le "séminaire de métaéthique" (IJN, Paris), conférence de Olivier Massin, CNRS/ Université de Zurich : « Grounding the normative »

Organisé conjointement par la République des Savoirs et l'IJN avec le soutien du labex TransferS, Organisateurs : Monique Canto-Sperber (CNRS/ENS/République des Savoirs) et Stéphane Lemaire (Université de Rennes 1).


There is a large consensus to the effect normative features (moral, legal, aesthetic, epistemic…) are somehow necessitated by and  grounded in (i.e. explained by) non-normative ones (psychological, psychological, social…). The consensus cracks, however, when one tries to spell out how exactly normative features are so necessitated/grounded. One main recent locus of disagreement is found in the debate over whether the necessitation/grounding relation at stake is metaphysical, or constitutes a new sui generis form of normative necessitation/grounding. After having given an overview of that debate, I shall suggest that, depending on the cases, they are in fact many different ways in which the normative is necessitated by and grounded in the natural, so that looking for a single account of the necessitation/grounding relations between the natural and the normative may lead us astray.