"Conative Nudges: Changes in Desires"

Appel à communications There is already an important literature in cognitive sciences, neurosciences and experimental economics showing that agents may not take the best decisions with regard to their own interest or their well-being owing to various irrationality biases and inconsistencies. This opens the door to (public or private) interventions on the choice architecture. Such interventions should be legitimate insofar as they improve the decisions of agent without changing the options that are available to them.


Colloque international

Keynote speakers: Joel Anderson, dept of philosophy, University of Utrecht
Magali Bessone, dept of philosophy, University of Rennes
Dale Dorsey, dept of philosophy, University of Kansas
Joseph Heath, dept of philosophy, University of Toronto
Andrea Isoni, Behavioural Science Group, University of Warwick
Mathias Pessiglione, Motivation, Brain, Behavior, ICM, Paris
Benjamin Scheibehenne, Geneva School of Economics and Management <http://www.unige.ch/gsem/fr/>
Myriam Teschl. Groupement de Recherche en Économie Quantitative d'Aix-Marseille