Conférence de Stéphane Lemaire " Pragmatic reasons of the right kind and autonomy"

au séminaire du département de philosophie de l’Université de Lund, en Suède, le Jeudi 5 Octobre.
Université de Lund


The words denoting sentimental values are lexically constructed on words denoting emotions. Therefore, it seems that a fitting attitude analysis of these concepts is inescapable. The wrong kind of reasons problem has certainly contributed to the idea that pragmatic considerations should be set aside when assessing whether an object has a certain sentimental value. I believe this is a mistake. Not all pragmatic considerations should be excluded as being of the wrong kind and we should therefore look for a solution to this challenge that allow for pragmatic reasons of the right kind. My general strategy is to suggest that an emotion fits an object to the extent that we have most reasons to have the disposition to have this emotional response to this object in normal conditions. Our emotional dispositions and sensibilities are dependent on numerous factors from our environment which provides us with legitimate reasons and which influence our sensibility. However, some of these factors provide us with reasons that warp our sensibility and autonomy and should therefore be excluded. I finally wonder whether this account is circular or revisionist.